Happy (belated) Tartan Day!
April 10, 2010

Designed by Vivienne Westwood for her "Anglomania" Collection, 1993. Photo: Irving Solero

Had I known that April 6th was National Tartan Day,  and that there was going to be a parade with bagpipes and drums  in NYC today, I would have prepared something special.  Instead,  here’s an impromptu post about tartans,  consisting mostly of what I think are interesting links.

British designer Vivienne Westwood designed the ensemble above for her 1993 Anglomania Collection.  The outfit was shown at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC in the Arbiters of Style exhibition, 2008, and there’s a good short video about it here,  narrated by Colleen Hill,  Assistant Curator of Accessories.  Vivienne Westwood’s current work can be seen on her website here.

And,  finally, here is a link to my post about tartans.

So it might be fun to surf the web and enjoy a wee dram of single malt Scotch whisky.  Deoch slainte!

2008 Weave of the week #12: Trendy tartans
October 18, 2008

Macinnes Red tartan

Macinnes Red tartan

When I worked in the textile industry, tartan plaid reference books were important design tools because Scottish tartan plaid fabrics were perennials, especially for children’s wear. We re-colored, simplified, enlarged, reduced, and brushed them to make them look “new.”

And now the Clan tartan patterns — which were developed in the Scottish Highlands centuries ago, when weavers kept track of the numbers and colors of the threads on pieces of wood — are a “trend”!

The New York Times’ Men’s Fashion Fall 2008 magazine shows a collection of classic tartan neckties, including skinny ones by Dolce and Gabbana and fringed ones by Hermès. Trend forecasting magazine Textile View calls tartan plaids “an essential colour vehicle for the (2009) season,” and super-cool German design company e15 is marketing a stunning collection of colorful tartan plaid pillows.

This chain of tartan free-associations started because I am looking forward to seeing “Black Watch,” an acclaimed play presented by the National Theater of Scotland about the Black Watch regiment in Iraq, next month.