Website update
October 13, 2010




Screenshot of my website's home page


Last week I posted, “For months I have been sidelined by medical problems . . . But the bright side is that I had time to work on my website,  which has been “under construction” for years.”

Well, it’s finally here!  Have a look, at:

2010 Weave of the week #8: Sparklers
October 2, 2010

Red Sparkler designed by F. Devlin, handwoven by S. Roehl

For months I have been sidelined by medical problems that have kept me  immobilized,  depressed,  and,  most definitely,  uninspired.  But the bright side of all this downtime is that I had time to work on my website,  which,  as I said almost a year ago,  has been “under construction” for years.  Well, it’s almost finished.

One of my tasks was to write brief copy about the scarves on each web page,  so I had to distill their most important features, and in the process,  I made some interesting discoveries about the red Sparkler scarf shown above and below that I have chosen as this week’s featured weave.

Red Sparkler detail

The red Sparkler is one of my favorites — I love its name,  the clear red color combined with multicolored iridescent glitter,  and the diagonal mock-leno weave.  But in looking at it again,  I was surprised at how soft and lightweight the scarf  is,  so I weighed it and found that by using a lofty merino wool in combination with an open weave,  I had gotten a 9″ x 60″ scarf that weighs just under 5 oz.

Here’s the draft that I used.  I played around with the denting and ended up cramming groups of three ends into one dent,  then leaving two dents empty,  and wet finishing easily took care of the rest.

Red sparkler draft

But what’s really important to me about the red  Sparkler is that it has inspired my first blog post in months.  I hope that’s a positive sign.

2010 Weave of the week #2: GO JETS!
January 21, 2010

Scarves from The Home Team Collection (TM)

“Me will crush you . . . crush you to goo!” (unidentified monster from one of my husband’s  computer games)

Uh . . . I know that’s not my usual blogging voice, but the underdog New York Jets are one unlikely victory away from going to their first Super Bowl in 41 years, and it’s a big deal, as you’re probably tired of hearing by now,  whether you follow football or not.  The Empire State Building is on the green-and-white Jets’  bandwagon (from last Sunday’s New York Daily News)

and so am I.  Sunday will probably find me wearing the green-and-white scarf from my Home Team Collection™ shown at the top of the post,  trying to eat chips with my fingers crossed, and critiquing  team uniforms and logos.

The scarves being optimistically mashed by my mannequin are in the colors of the other three formidable teams playing this weekend:  the Jets’ opponent Indianapolis Colts,  the Minnesota Vikings,  and the New Orleans Saints.  There’s  more about The Home Team Collection™  in one of my earlier posts (here),  and there are more pictures on my gallery page,  and there’s more about the Jets anywhere you look — in NYC,  anyway.

I hope that whichever team you’re rooting for wins . . . unless it’s the Colts.