2008 Weave of the week #21: Merry and bright
December 21, 2008

Scarf with Christmas lights

Scarf with Christmas lights

One Christmas I wove a scarf for a teddy bear.  Since the bear was going to be given to a children’s charity, I wanted its scarf to be  as festive and cheery as I could make it, and to me that meant bright colors and glitter.

I had some tinselly, multicolored, metallic yarn, and another novelty yarn that had colored threads sprouting from a thin core, so all I had to do was add some red merino and I had a warp that I liked so much just the way it was that I hated to weave anything through it. But I found plenty of  bright brushed-mohair colors that I used for the weft stripes.

There is a blurry (but cute) image of the scarfed bear on my Gallery page, and also a closer look at the scarf’s fringe, that is still my favorite part.

Happy weaving and happy holidays.