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October 13, 2010




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Last week I posted, “For months I have been sidelined by medical problems . . . But the bright side is that I had time to work on my website,  which has been “under construction” for years.”

Well, it’s finally here!  Have a look, at:

2009 Weave of the week #4: Qiviut
January 26, 2009

Cashmere/qiviut "Mesa" scarf ... and friends

Cashmere/qiviut "Mesa" scarf

Since Monday starts the Chinese Year of the Ox, I thought that I’d feature a group of my scarf designs that use musk ox  yarn –“qiviut”.

“Qiviut” is the Inuit word for the downy, insulating undercoat of the North American musk ox — a cloven-hoofed ruminant that’s actually more closely related to goats and sheep than to “oxen”. Whatever they are, qiviut is warmer than wool and finer than cashmere. It is one of the rarest and most precious natural luxury fibers in the world.

My Canadian qiviut cost approximately $35/oz (not a typ0). Very few musk oxen are raised in the harsh Arctic climate, and the yarn production process is labor intensive — which explains the rarity, and the high price of the yarn. Each spring musk oxen shed their coats in large tufts. These tufts have to be gathered by hand and the fine fiber carefully separated from the coarse guardhairs before it can be spun into yarn.

Since the qiviut was only available undyed (brown), I expanded the color range by using cashmere warps with all-qiviut wefts. That also helped bring down the cost of the scarves, since cashmere “only” cost around $6/oz.

I only have three of the luxurious, warm, supersoft scarves left (shown above and on my Gallery page), and they can be purchased at the $200 wholesale price. For information please use the contact form.

(And not even the stuffed toy musk oxen pictured here were harmed in the making of the scarves.)

2008 Weave of the week #22: Playoff edition
December 28, 2008

Dressed for the game

Game face with game scarf

“It’s not whether you win or lose — it’s what you wear to the game.”  — Vince Lombardi (NOT)

Because the next few weeks will be full of Bowl Championship games, NFL playoff games, and cold weather (well, maybe — it’s 55° here this Sunday night!), it seemed fitting to show off my Home Team Collection™, which is another part of my weaving life.

I started The Home Team Collection™ after envisioning a gold and black houndstooth-patterned scarf inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers’ uniform colors, but I wanted to make something that you’d be likely to wear in everyday life and not just to the game.

There are three scarf patterns in the collection: houndstooth check, reversible stripe, and the wave. The elegant ensemble shown above is a red and white houndstooth-checked scarf, worn with my husband’s prized vintage University of Arkansas  hog hat.

You can see images of the other designs and samples of some of the available colors on my Gallery pages. These soft, lightweight scarves are made of 100% extrafine Merino wool, spun and handwoven in the USA. The Home Team Collection™ will eventually also include wool throws and stadium blankets, in the same patterns or in solid colors, with matching leather trim and carrying strap.

Wear the colors (sorry, no logos but mine) of your favorite pro, Little League, or school team anywhere you go. For more information about The Home Team Collection’s™ offerings, please use the contact form.