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October 13, 2010




Screenshot of my website's home page


Last week I posted, “For months I have been sidelined by medical problems . . . But the bright side is that I had time to work on my website,  which has been “under construction” for years.”

Well, it’s finally here!  Have a look, at:

2009 Weave of the week #40: My scarves @ Saks Fifth Avenue
October 18, 2009

Orange/grey herringbone stripe

Orange/grey herringbone stripe

This season’s shameless commerce post:  Above and below are photos of the seven-piece 2009 men’s scarf collection that I designed exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue.  The collection is made up of a new rib weave in three rich solid colors,  and updated color combinations of my herringbone  stripe and pinstripe designs (click on the images to enlarge).

All scarves  are 100% plush rayon chenille and cost $195.00.  My designs are individually handwoven in the USA,  so the quality is impeccable,  and their carbon footprint is teensy-weensy.  Each scarf is 9″ wide x 72″ long — my most popular size for both men and women — plus a short cut fringe (see photo at top of post).

My collection is available,  under the Fern Devlin label,  in the men’s scarf department,  at these Saks Fifth Avenue stores:

Beachwood,  OH

Chevy Chase,  MD

Chicago,  IL

Hackensack,  NJ

Las Vegas,  NV

New Orleans,  LA

New York,  NY

The weather has turned autumnal and the stock market is up,  so please support domestic American handweavers  (and at least one American designer) and buy my scarves.  They will warm your soul as well as your neck — really.  And you’ll look good in them,  too.

2008 Weave of the week #7: Bling scarf
September 15, 2008

Bling gold

Bling gold scarf

This is an original color-effect design from my current scarf collection, woven in chenille and metallic, as shown here (although the glitter doesn’t show up very well in the photo), and in an all-chenille version that is called Allsorts. You can see images of both on my Gallery page, woven to perfection by Brenda J. Stultz, my longtime collaborator and friend.

This design was inspired by two very different things: multi-patterned Kuba raffia cloth (see Gallery) and the commercial pressure  to come up with yet another new rayon chenille design. That combination of  influences produced this design – which turned out to be one of my favorites – so I am immodestly presenting it as this week’s weave of the week.

For more information about Allsorts and Bling scarves (I have a small selection of both styles available for sale),  please use the contact form.