2010 Weave of the week #8: Sparklers

Red Sparkler designed by F. Devlin, handwoven by S. Roehl

For months I have been sidelined by medical problems that have kept me  immobilized,  depressed,  and,  most definitely,  uninspired.  But the bright side of all this downtime is that I had time to work on my website,  which,  as I said almost a year ago,  has been “under construction” for years.  Well, it’s almost finished.

One of my tasks was to write brief copy about the scarves on each web page,  so I had to distill their most important features, and in the process,  I made some interesting discoveries about the red Sparkler scarf shown above and below that I have chosen as this week’s featured weave.

Red Sparkler detail

The red Sparkler is one of my favorites — I love its name,  the clear red color combined with multicolored iridescent glitter,  and the diagonal mock-leno weave.  But in looking at it again,  I was surprised at how soft and lightweight the scarf  is,  so I weighed it and found that by using a lofty merino wool in combination with an open weave,  I had gotten a 9″ x 60″ scarf that weighs just under 5 oz.

Here’s the draft that I used.  I played around with the denting and ended up cramming groups of three ends into one dent,  then leaving two dents empty,  and wet finishing easily took care of the rest.

Red sparkler draft

But what’s really important to me about the red  Sparkler is that it has inspired my first blog post in months.  I hope that’s a positive sign.

6 Responses

  1. Great to see you back! (And that scarf draft is really interesting to me as I play around with some yarn that I know wants to turn into something!)

    Sorry that you’ve been having medical issues. That can be very lonely and difficult. I hope this post is a sign of good things to come for you! Take care!


    • Hi, Sue,

      Thanks for comment, great to hear from you. The Sparkler is a versatile weave that I have used many times with different yarns. Experiment with the denting, and have fun with it.

      And thank you for your good wishes. I’m feeling better and hope it continues.


  2. Welcome back. I trust your health continues to improve. Your scarf is exquisite. I wish I could pick it up to get it’s full beauty. I’ve missed your posts. They’re special.

    • Thanks very much, Anne, for your thoughtful comments. Glad you like the scarf. I have missed posting so I’m glad that my health is improving : )


  3. I love your sparkler scarf, Fern! It’s inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for the draft too, it looks great.

    What a great, positive sign you did this post. I wish for you to get well and be happy…I’m always looking forward to your next post because all your posts are special and I learn something I didn’t know before and reading them bring me joy.


    • Eva, Thank you so much for your kindness and support. I appreciate them now more than I can say.


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