Naoki Nomura’s kimono exhibition in NYC next week!

Kimono by Naoki Nomura

(With apologies to Dr. Jung and The Rolling Stones),  synchronicity was on my side.

While writing about chirimen crepe (link), I had become so absorbed in kimono silk (is that a mixed metaphor?) that when the post was finished,  I wanted to see more.  To be more specific,  I wished for a kimono exhibition — and damned if my wish wasn’t granted!


Kimono by Naoki Nomura

Naoki Nomura,  one of the living masters of the Kyo Yuzen style of kimono dyeing,  has an exhibition of his new work opening next week at The Nippon Gallery,  145 W. 57th St., NYC.   See my blog  post here for a brief description of Mr. Nomura’s 2009 exhibition.

This year,  Mr. Nomura’s kimono collection was inspired by scenery described in the Manyoshu, an 8th century work that was described by Dr. Kenneth Yasuda,  in his introduction to Land of the Reed Plains, as being the “oldest,  largest,  and greatest anthology of Japanese poetry,  one which ranks . . . among the masterpieces of world literature.”

There will be 15-18 kimonos,  and obis,  on display.

And if I wasn’t already psyched,  Amie,  a friend who saw Mr. Nomura’s exhibit last year, emailed,  “The kimonos are not Chirimen,  but they are all breathtaking.”  I can’t wait.

The exhibition opens on Thursday, May 13,  and continues until Wednesday,  May 19.  Check the Nippon Gallery’s website here for hours and directions.


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