Happy (belated) Tartan Day!

Designed by Vivienne Westwood for her "Anglomania" Collection, 1993. Photo: Irving Solero

Had I known that April 6th was National Tartan Day,  and that there was going to be a parade with bagpipes and drums  in NYC today, I would have prepared something special.  Instead,  here’s an impromptu post about tartans,  consisting mostly of what I think are interesting links.

British designer Vivienne Westwood designed the ensemble above for her 1993 Anglomania Collection.  The outfit was shown at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC in the Arbiters of Style exhibition, 2008, and there’s a good short video about it here,  narrated by Colleen Hill,  Assistant Curator of Accessories.  Vivienne Westwood’s current work can be seen on her website here.

And,  finally, here is a link to my post about tartans.

So it might be fun to surf the web and enjoy a wee dram of single malt Scotch whisky.  Deoch slainte!

2 Responses

  1. I’m used to seeing tartans used in a traditional way but this is very unusual and interesting! Enjoyable impromptu post, Fern!


    • Thanks, Eva, glad you like the different spin on tartans. I do too. Thanks for commenting.


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