2010 Weave of the week #2: GO JETS!

Scarves from The Home Team Collection (TM)

“Me will crush you . . . crush you to goo!” (unidentified monster from one of my husband’s  computer games)

Uh . . . I know that’s not my usual blogging voice, but the underdog New York Jets are one unlikely victory away from going to their first Super Bowl in 41 years, and it’s a big deal, as you’re probably tired of hearing by now,  whether you follow football or not.  The Empire State Building is on the green-and-white Jets’  bandwagon (from last Sunday’s New York Daily News)

and so am I.  Sunday will probably find me wearing the green-and-white scarf from my Home Team Collection™ shown at the top of the post,  trying to eat chips with my fingers crossed, and critiquing  team uniforms and logos.

The scarves being optimistically mashed by my mannequin are in the colors of the other three formidable teams playing this weekend:  the Jets’ opponent Indianapolis Colts,  the Minnesota Vikings,  and the New Orleans Saints.  There’s  more about The Home Team Collection™  in one of my earlier posts (here),  and there are more pictures on my gallery page,  and there’s more about the Jets anywhere you look — in NYC,  anyway.

I hope that whichever team you’re rooting for wins . . . unless it’s the Colts.

2 Responses

  1. Not a football fan, but definitely a fan of your scarves!!


    • Sue, thanks so much for reading and commenting.


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