2009 Weave of the week #39: Sally Shore, ribbon weaver

3-D ribbon weaving by Sally Shore

3-D ribbon weaving by Sally Shore

I recently received an announcement of an upcoming group art show,  and was pleased to recognize ribbon weaver Sally Shore’s name on the exhibitors’ list.  In 2007,  she was a guest speaker at a NY Guild of Handweavers meeting and gave a dazzling presentation of her work.

By interlacing ribbons using “triaxial weaving” (three structural elements instead of weaving’s usual warp and weft),  Ms. Shore produces fabrics with astonishing effects (like the three-dimensional piece above) and turns them into bags,  baskets (see photo below),  clothing,  and artwork.  To get a better idea of her creative scope, visit her website.

Soft basket by Sally Shore

Soft basket by Sally Shore

Triaxial weaving is a Malaysian basketweave technique that is also called “mad weave,” and The Mad Weave Book, by Shereen LaPlantz, is available here,  if you want to find out more about it.  In her talk,  Sally Shore mentioned that the book that got her started was Weaving with Ribbon by Valerie Campbell-Harding.  That book doesn’t cover triaxial weaving,  but Sally Shore’s A Ribbon Weaver’s Handbook undoubtedly does.

In the group art show, which starts October 13 at the Broome Street Gallery in Soho, work by approximately thirty members of Artist-Craftsmen of New York will be on view.  The members work in several media besides fiber,  including photography and ceramics.  For more information about the show, and about Artist-Craftsmen of New York, visit their website.


8 Responses

  1. Hi, Sally, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Looking forward to seeing your new work.

    My best wishes for 2010.


  2. I was delighted to come across your posting about my work and the Broome Street exhibit. Thank you for spreading the word about “Mad” weave. I’m still exploring the geometry of its structure after 18 years.

  3. Thanks for the comment. It does look so complicated that I’m satisfied just appreciating, not doing.

  4. I really like the colors and that it’s sculptural, and it does look like it’s complicated to do! Thanks, Fern, for sharing your interesting and enjoyable gallery visit.


  5. Shirley, Thank you for your comment — glad you like it : )

  6. Wow! I Love this!

  7. Hi, Sue,

    A well-named weave : ) and not one that I have the patience to try. Good for you for giving it a shot and thanks for posting about it.

  8. Cool stuff!!

    Mad weave is really hard for me. In fact, in a three hour workshop I got a giant FAIL for being the only weaver (out of 6) who could not get my piece to work out.

    I definitely admire Sally’s work – even more so because I find triaxial weaving so difficult!!


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