Obsession? or just focus?

I don’t get to the movies very often, but I recently saw Julie and Julia and liked it more than I expected to.  The film’s two feel-good storylines — Julie Powell’s rise from blogs to riches and Julia Child’s equally unlikely-seeming stardom — had a lot to do with why I enjoyed it so much, of course, but the movie offers more than that:  it is also smart, funny, extremely well acted, and set mostly in Paris and New York City (two more pluses, for moi).

Julia’s part of the story starts in Paris, and there were several interesting vintage fabrics, which I noticed en passant, in the Paris scenes.  But at a later point, after she and Paul have left France and moved into a house in New England, a traditional tan overshot coverlet, prominently folded over the back of their living-room couch, distracted me so thoroughly that I almost missed a very dramatic scene.  Though the coverlet stole the scene from Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci as far as I was concerned, it is unlikely that anyone else (well, anyone outside the set designer’s family) will find it worth mentioning, so I thought that I would.  (My husband didn’t notice it at all.)

In a nutshell:  Julie and Julia is a film about two food nuts, being commented upon here by one fabric nut.  Will anyone else out there be pausing the DVD at that point to ogle the coverlet?


4 Responses

  1. I nearly fell off the couch when I saw the coverlet on the back of the couch in the movie Julie and Julia. I am a weaver and had recently finished a novelty overshot in the exact pattern called , Sun, Moon and Stars. I loved the movie and was so excited to see the beautiful textiles.

    • Hi, Debra,

      Thanks for posting your comment about the coverlet in “Julie and Julia,” and for sharing the beautiful name of the pattern! I’d love to see your piece, so if you’d like to send me the image, I’ll be happy to put it on my gallery page.

      Happy holidays.


  2. Sue, thanks, I’m reassured : ) I haven’t heard of O’Horten but it’s obviously a film that I will have to check out.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I haven’t seen that movie yet, but I want to!

    And now that I know there are interesting fabrics, I want to see it even more!!!

    I watched a movie called O’Horten and was totally distracted by the textiles. (That might have been a good thing in the end….but my friend who joined me for the movie thought it was funny that I noticed that.)

    So if you’re obsessed, you’re not the only one!


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