Paula Nadelstern, quilter extraordinaire, on CBS TV … tomorrow

Paula Nadelstern, "Kaleidoscopic XX: Elegant Aftermaths." Photo by Karen Bell

Paula Nadelstern, "Kaleidoscopic XX: Elegant Aftermaths." Photo by Karen Bell

I just got around to seeing the exhibition of Paula Nadelstern’s kaleidoscope quilts yesterday, and it was such an affecting experience that I had to mention it.  Take a close look at Kaleidoscopic XX: Elegant Aftermaths, the machine-pieced, hand-quilted, cotton-and-silk quilt shown above (photo courtesy of the artist), and I think you will understand why I was blown away.

New Yorker Paula Nadelstern is the first contemporary quilt artist to be honored with a solo exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum in NYC.  Her work is of “almost unfathomable complexity of technique and composition” (to quote one of the museum’s wall labels), and opulent gorgeousness.  If you can, visit the museum and see her innovative kaleidoscope quilts in person before the exhibition closes on Sept. 13.

But there are other ways to see Paula Nadelstern’s work:  CBS’s Sunday Morning TV show is going to feature it in a segment tomorrow morning (Aug. 16, 9 AM eastern time), and there are two short videos on YouTube here and here of a Paula-led gallery tour that were produced by  The technical quality isn’t great but there are some nice close-ups of the work and interesting artist’s comments.  There is also an exhibition catalog, and a gallery of quilt images on Ms. Nadelstern’s excellent website.

*** Note to fellow NPR/WNYC geeks: Paula will be interviewed on Leonard Lopate’s show next Thursday, Aug. 20, at 1 PM.  Non-New Yorkers can get this online.

I’m grateful to my friend Brenda J. Stultz, who is expert in so many textile arts,  for introducing me to Paula Nadelstern’s work.  Last spring, Brenda was one of Paula’s students — and Brenda’s kaleidoscopic quilt block, Needlestars (shown here), should make them both very proud.

Brenda J. Stultz, "Needlestars"

Brenda J. Stultz, "Needlestars"

That should cover it (pun intended).


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  1. Thank you.

  2. Amazing quilting! Have a wonderful vacation, Fern.


  3. My pleasure, Sue.

  4. Wow – that is extraordinary quilting – so inspiring! Thanks for the scoop!


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