2009 Weave of the week #17: Indigo mood

Japanese pieced textile

Japanese patchwork

This week’s weave, a 12″ square patchwork piece, is a skillful composite of five understated, handwoven, Japanese textiles.

All of the textiles are fine slightly textured cotton woven in tabby at approximately 60 epi x 50 ppi. The light stripes in the upper left corner design are outlined with the same golden brown that bisects the square (detail below). The chambray-like light blue patch in the lower right is a white warp crossed by a light blue weft. And the strips on either side of the center piece are woven with three shades of blue plus white in the warp, and have dark indigo wefts.

Indigo detail

Indigo detail

All the blue yarns seem to be shades of indigo, and I suspect that the golden brown comes from a natural dye too, although I don’t know for sure. But Japanese country weavers have traditionally woven indigo-striped cotton textiles like these for everyday clothing and for futon covers.

But this is a work of art. The artist chose — and maybe dyed and wove — the fabrics, arranged them harmoniously, and pieced them together almost invisibly to make a perfectly proportioned whole that I love looking at. It is another textile treasure from Old Japan.


4 Responses

  1. Dear Fern,
    The fabric and weave pattern is very nice, i specially like the indigo shades tell me is it natural indigo dyed..?
    Hasnain Lilani

    • Hi , Hasnain, I’m glad you like the piece. I got it quite a while ago, and I think that the indigo is natural, but, unfortunately, don’t know enough about it to be sure. Thank you for reading and commenting.


  2. Hi Fern, although I love to weave complex patterns, this simple and harmonious Japanese textile is beautiful to look at. Thank you for posting it!


    • Eva, Thanks, I couldn’t agree more. Glad you like it too.


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