2009 Weave of the week #16: Waves

Silk wave

Silk wave

The last of my silk wave scarves was returned to me when the gallery that had been selling them closed its doors.  I miss the gallery and regret that it closed, but the wave design is one of my favorites, so I’m oddly glad to have the scarf back — and I’m glad to have the opportunity to photograph it.

It took me a while to arrive at this design. I have always loved undulating twill weaves and previously designed a group of jewel-tone silk undulating twill scarves that looked sensational but had long floats that snagged, so I came up with the idea of combining an undulating twill with tabby tie-downs to shorten the floats.

That worked, so I designed rayon chenille scarves and throws using that structure. Again, they looked great (Claire Danes wore one of my “paprika wave” scarves in an episode of “My So-Called Life”), but, alas the floats were still not short enough, at least not for rayon chenille, and they “wormed” (a nightmarish mess caused by masses of threads that twist and form wormy loops on the surface of the fabric).

Finally I came up with a wave construction in silk that worked: two different sizes of silk yarn, 2/12 for the motif ends and picks, and 2/20 for the tie-downs.

Celadon silk wave

Celadon silk wave scarf

I’m finding the subtle pastel colors difficult to photograph (to prove it, see the celadon scarf above), so my scanner came in handy for the blue swatch below and for the swatch at the top of this article.

Blue silk wave

Blue silk wave

I have one wave scarf left and can’t decide whether to offer it for sale or wear it myself, so for now, I’m just procrastinating and writing about it.


7 Responses

  1. I’m finally getting caught up on other people’s blogs.

    These scarves are beautiful!! I don’t always love undulating twill…..often I see things that make me go “hmmmmm” – too busy, or not to my liking, or something.

    But your use of undulating twill is wonderful. I love the scale of the undulations with the scarf. It looks perfect – and I’ll bet it’s great to wear – being silk.

    Interesting that your scanner can do a better job with color than your camera. I might have to experiment with mine sometime. Some colors just don’t look true – even if I do whatever rudimentary color correction I know how to do.

    Some day I’ll have to weave with silk!


    • Welcome back, Sue, and thanks for all your kind words about my scarf.
      Re photography: I just don’t know enough about it yet, I just keep improvising.

  2. i’ve only had one success with linen. it’s difficult stuff, got no elasticity like

  3. That scarf is so lovely — keep it for yourself!

    • Thanks for your input, Holly, I probably will keep it.


  4. that is a very nice scarf. i’ve still not woven with pure silk.

    • Thanks, Andrew, glad you like the scarf. Silk is a lovely fiber to use b/c it’s so lustrous and strong. There are a couple of fibers that I have still not woven with, i.e. pure linen, to name one.

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