2009 Weave of the week #11: Dobby dogs

Woven by Ann Rosenthal

Designed and handwoven by Ann Rosenthal

Right around the corner from Burlington Woolens, where I learned to weave, was Dan River Mills, where my friend Ann Rosenthal learned to weave. (Both of those once-venerable companies are now defunct, along with the rest of the U.S. textile industry.)

In Dan River’s weave room, Ann and her co-workers produced samples of shirting fabrics in fine cotton yarn on sixteen-harness table looms,  so her weaving education was very different from mine. Fabrics at Dan River could be as simple as tabby or as complex as seersucker and doublecloth.  Ann found that one of the most adaptable and interesting weave structures was the dobby (aka supplementary warp or “embroidery”) weave.

The “Dan River dog,” shown below on a tartan ground, inspired Ann to buy a sixteen-harness table loom of her own and to create the whimsical dogs shown above (I especially like the ears and tails).

Ann has continued to  experiment with the technique and has created many other fantastic creatures and woven works of art.  (See 2009 weave of the week #1 to read more about Ann and her work.)

As dobby motifs  were very popular in the apparel markets that I designed for during the 1970s,  I will probably show more of them in future articles.


6 Responses

  1. Hi, Daniela, I don’t read German, but it looks like you have a WordPress golden retriever blog in Germany, so welcome to my blog and thanks for posting.


  2. HI!
    Ich bin ganz neu hier. Leider kann ich nur Deutsch. Ich hoffe das mich hier jemand verstehen kann. Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Besitzer die genau wie ich so Überzeugt von den Retrievern (vor allem die Goldenen :-)).

    Ich habe eine Menge Informationen über diese tollen Vierbeiner gefunden. Zum Beispiel hier kann man alles ueber die Golden Retriever erfahren. Von Geschichte bis zur Rassenbeschreibung.

    Guck einfach auf dieser Retriever Hunderasse Webseite. Hier solltest Du einiges finden.

    Ich wuerde mich freuen, wenn es jemand hilft sich fuer einen Retriever zu entscheiden.

    bis dann


  3. I left a little surprise for you at my blog.

    • Thanks so much, Bonnie. I better get my nails done : )

  4. So great to see weaving that features dogs!!! (I’m NOT a cat person, unlike many weavers!)

    This must be how shaft envy is born….wanting to make some of the cool things you see other weavers do.

    As always, thanks for sharing!


    • Hi, Sue, Glad you like the doggies. I liked the pic you posted on your blog of you and your dog, but as you can tell from my Gallery, I’m a cat person. Re shaft envy: although weaving is slower, there is more freedom with a multi-harness table loom (preferably computer-controlled) than a floor loom, for this kind of weaving.

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