Balloon fashion

Margiela balloon jacket

Margiela balloon jacket -- photo WWD

Ever since I wrote about — and showed a picture of — Jeff Koons’s balloon dog sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last summer, I have been surprised by the steady number of hits that this blog gets from people looking for “balloon sculpture,” “balloon exhibit,” and similar keywords.

So just for fun, here is a balloon jacket.

It was designed by the eccentric Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela and was shown last July as part of his Artisanal collection, along with other “garments” handmade from such unusual recycled materials as vinyl records and skeins of yarn. Thirty inflated balloons were twisted to shape the “jacket” shown above.

Pay a visit to his anarchic website to see the Artisanal collection and also his commercial clothing and accessory designs.

One Response

  1. It’s funny what ends up being popular on blogs!!

    The two days I spent at Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon are the most searched blog pages in my case….even though my blog is not about hiking!

    From your “Balloon Jacket” headline, I was thinking it would be something too cool and trendy for NH! So I laughed when I saw the photo!!



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