2009 Weave of the week #6: “Street tweed”

"street tweed"

"street tweed"

Last week’s weave had a pedigree, but this week’s weave came from a Mexican street vendor’s table in Greenwich Village, NYC — we got here a mutt.

The lively colors and the unusual tweed pattern were what drew me to the vendor’s table, but after looking at the cloth more closely for this article, I found something that I didn’t expect.

The surprise was that all of the warp colors seem to come from just one variegated yarn, rather than from six individual yarns, but it’s hard to know for sure without having a longer, continuous, piece of yarn. (I did have a larger  piece of this cloth, but cut it down for lack of storage space.) The weft colors are solid navy and white, similar to the roving-like, coarse, felted wool warp yarn. The fabric sett is only 7 epi x 8 ppi so the picture above (enlarged) is close to actual size.

My experience in just happening on this “street tweed” is an example of why  I find both studying woven textiles and living in New York endlessly absorbing.


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  1. Interesting!! Thanks for continuing my textile education!!


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