2009 Weave of the week #3: “Shooting Star”

"Shooting Star" - both sides

"Shooting Star" designed by Mark Pollack

This week of Barack Obama’s historic presidential inauguration seems like a great time to feature American design, so here is “Shooting Star,” a drapery fabric from the archives of Pollack and Associates.

“Shooting Star” was designed by Mark Pollack, the design director of Pollack and Associates, a NYC-based company that creates sophisticated fabrics for the high-end residential and commercial markets. Mark and I are long-time professional acquaintances, and I admire his work.

“Shooting Star” is a sheer cotton and gold lurex clipped brocade fabric,  woven by a mill in Switzerland. It has 1-1/2″-long clipped warp floats on one side. The fabric’s two sides are different, that you can see from the folded-over fabric shown above. Mark says that “Shooting Star” was inspired by the capabilities and limitations of the clipping machine itself. His design process is well described on the company’s website, “[it] starts with one particular element, not necessarily the pattern — and interesting novelty yarn, a special finishing technique or a complex weave structure …”

You can read more about Mark (he studied weaving at the Rhode Island School of Design and worked as associate design director at Jack Lenor Larsen, Inc.) and see more of his fabrics at http://www.pollackassociates.com.

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