2009 Weave of the week #2: Museum mat

Museum mat

Museum mat

I call this small (10″x10″), cheery textile just “museum mat” because I don’t have anything more specific to call it.  I was surprised when I saw it, very out of context, in the Cooper-Hewitt Museum’s first show in the  Carnegie Mansion in 1976.  I recently asked the museum’s experts for help identifying it, but they were unable to find it among the Cooper-Hewitt’s, uh, more than 30,000 (!) textiles.

“Museum mat” is handwoven of commercial matte cotton yarn in a supplementary-warp design. With its bright colors, border details, and neat white zig-zag machine stitching around the edges, it is similar to two other mats in my collection, even though the weaves, designs, and dimensions are different. So maybe they were all done in a weaving class or a guild, or taken from the same magazine — but I’m only guessing  (see detail views of all three on my Gallery page).

I would love to know more about them, and about many of my other unidentified textiles, but that probably won’t happen until someone invents a way for us to  google images. In the meantime, if my mats look familiar to you, please share. Thanks.

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