2009 Weave of the week #1: “When Opposites Attract”

"When opposites attract" (face) by Ann Rosenthal

"When Opposites Attract" (face) by Ann Rosenthal

"When opposites attract" (back) by Ann Rosenthal

"When Opposites Attract" (back) by Ann Rosenthal

“When Opposites Attract,” the first featured weave of 2009, is a brain-twister that was designed and woven by my long-time friend Ann Rosenthal.

It is really three weaves combined: the ground is an 8-harness shadow weave, and Ann used its light/dark warp to create the cats in the diamond by means of doublewoven tapestry. The diamond is not embroidered or appliquéd — the whole thing is a single woven piece.

Ann took a tapestry workshop with the late Margaretta Nettles in the 1970s, and she gained some experience with shaft weaving as a sample weaver at Dan River Textiles (a 126-year-old American mill that closed its doors last year, but that’s another story). Ann learned from the other weavers how to weave swatches of fine cotton shirting material, including dobby motifs and seersucker, on 16-harness table looms, which gave her experience with complex weaves and freedom to experiment. She had other jobs in industry but other than that, she is self-taught.

Ancient Coptic techniques of inserting tapestry into other weaves influenced “When Opposites Attract,” and traditional Peruvian weavers are Ann’s other major influence, for their “tricks” and for … well … everything. (She may be a reincarnated Peruvian weaver.) She uses what she learns from books and museum exhibitions to create witty, whimsical, complex, original work, and I hope to show more of it from time to time.

Update: To read more about Ann Rosenthal’s sample weaving background, click here,  and to see another one of her wonderful tapestries, click here.

4 Responses

  1. Ann has always and will always be one of the most creative and imaginative craftier that i know. She always thinks of something new and unique to show and share with the world! Can’t wait to see more…she deserves alot of praise…she is extremely humble! Thank you for showing her to the world!

  2. I’ve always been bowled over by Ann’s combination of humor and dexterity and am so pleased to see her work again after many years. I’ll look forward to more on your site in the future!

    • I obviously share your feelings about Ann’s work and will pass your comment on to her. Happy New Year and thanks for looking.

  3. Wow.

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