Shameless commerce part 2: SALE!

Allsorts stripe cinnamon

Allsorts stripe cinnamon

I’ve been hearing non-stop how bad this retail season is (you probably have, too, unless you’re on a polar expedition or something), and indeed, I found  signs  everywhere in Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York store that  say, “Take 50% off the ticket price.”  One of those signs sits on top of a display of (ahem!) my scarves.  So, to quote retail analyst Marshal Cohen, ask yourself, “When am I going to get a deal like this again?”  Then go to Saks’ 6th floor and check my scarves out.

They still cost about $100 each, but  they are meticulously handwoven in the USA out of  luxurious, velvety rayon chenille, the 9″x 72″ size fits all, and the designs are exclusive to Saks New York.  (Support your local handweaver, please!)

Thanks and happy holidays.


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