Last call: African textiles PLUS

Detail of a Xenobia Bailey work

Detail of a Xenobia Bailey work

I learned from Holland Cotter’s art review in the NY Times today that there is another exhibition at NYU in conjunction with the African textiles exhibition, “The Poetics of Cloth,” that I mentioned in my Weave of the week #9.

The exhibition, “S&M: Shrines and Masquerades in Cosmopolitan Times,” is a mixed-media group show that sounds interesting and provocative, but it also got my attention because it includes a piece by Xenobia Bailey. I first became aware of Ms. Bailey’s work after seeing her impressive fiber structure, “Sistah Paradise’s Great Walls of Fire Revival Tent” at the Brooklyn Museum in 2006 (detail above).

You can see her current piece on the exhibition’s website: .

Both exhibitions close this Saturday, December 6.


3 Responses

  1. See my Gallery page for the Liza Lou photo. It’s fun.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Interesting that you mention Liza Lou, whose work I love. I haven’t seen her new work but am posting an image of her “beaded livingroom.” Thanks for the reminder. Stop by again.

  3. it seems like a pretty cool exhibit, i might check it out. I really like the brown balloon looking type sculpture and The rope piece reminds me of Lisa Lou, she made huge ropes out of beads and other things out of beads as well. If you don’t know who she is you should check her out. Her work is amazing to see in person, and she is on display at the lever house i think…and at L&M arts but idk if it is still up! nice post.

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