2008 Weave of the week #16: Hmong hemp

Hmong hemp bag

Hmong hemp bag

Pictured above is a bag made by the Hmong people of northern Thailand, who have been weaving with hemp since about 2000 BC.  As is the case with so many of the pieces in my collection (I’m obviously never going to be a museum curator), I have no idea where I got the bag.  The fabric is woven from indigo-dyed hemp — which gives you a durable cloth similar to linen —  and cross-stitched with a design said to have come from an ancient written script  once used by the Hmong.

I don”t have much to say about the piece–I just love it, and I wanted to show something simple for a change, as a sort of palate-cleanser (palette-cleanser?).

To see more Hmong textiles go to http://polyglot.lss.wisc.edu/aasp/scratch/kpics/

And check out the Hmong entry on Wikipedia — their traditional costume is to die for; color, pattern, layering,  beading . . . yum.


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