2008 Weave of the week #15: Bandanas perdu

Bandana one

Bandana one

During the ’70s, my friend Penelope and I were neighbors in Soho, NYC, and shared a love of collecting interesting and (mostly) inexpensive textiles from interesting and (mostly) inexpensive shops in the neighborhood. So when I decided to put these mega-multicolored plaids on my blog, I asked her what she remembered about them, because I didn’t remember much.

I thought that they were cotton scarves from Italy that we bought in Soho; she thought that they were silk handkerchiefs from China that we bought in Chinatown. Under magnification, the threads don’t look like either cotton or silk, but whatever the yarn is, it is very fine (the tabby areas are 100 epi finished, and the satin weave overplaids probably more), silky, and lustrous. And each plaid uses at least 10 different colors.

Bandana one, shown above, is 27″ square, and bandana two (see photo on the Gallery page) is 18″ square, so they are too large for standard handkerchiefs, but they do have handkerchief-like rolled and handstitched hems.

I have posted a picture of bandana two, and detail shots of both bandanas, on my Gallery page.


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