Alpaca collection

100% alpaca yarn

Alpaca neutrals

This group of twelve neutral alpaca colors — black, white, and ten shades of grey and brown (six are heathered) — are from my alpaca collection. All of the yarns are 100% alpaca, three-ply, 1700 ypp, so they are compatible with each other and with all of the yarns in the twist and rainbow alpaca groups shown below (see previous postings for more detail on the twist and rainbow groups)  — and my 20% off sale price applies to all.

I have also posted images of pleated scarves that were woven with these yarns, and that are available for purchase, on my Gallery page. If you would like a price list or color cards for the alpaca yarn or the pleated scarves, please e-mail me at

Alpaca rainbow colors

Alpaca rainbow

Alpaca twist yarn

Alpaca twist


One Response

  1. those scarves are gorgeous, and that stack of alpaca neutrals look good enough to eat. is that alpaca collection new or from seasons past?

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