2008 Weave of the week #6: Swedish (?) mat

Simple and ingenious

Simple and ingenious

In the second chapter of the “how I became a weaver” saga (see the About page if you’re interested), I described my disappointment with  the twill sampler that I did in my first weaving class, so this simple and ingenious mat was a natural weave-of-the-week choice.

I picked it out from a pile of linens in an antique store years ago because it was obviously handwoven, in an interesting design and harmonious colors, and because I thought it was charming.  It was also woven in a sampler form similar to that of my twill, the difference being that it was woven by someone who knew how to design weaving.

Looking at it closely, I see just how cleverly designed this small (approx 10″x14″) mat is. The warp is fine natural cotton sett at approximately 50 epi.  Only four weft colors are used–natural and soft blue with accents of gold and black–and the meticulously planned and woven design was made by changing colors, treadling order, and thread thickness, and by plucking up some occasional loops for texture.

I don’t know who wove it, or when, or where, or for what purpose, but I wish I did, and I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information about this kind of textile.


2 Responses

  1. Fern, This piece could be a Swedish type weave called, “Bunden Rosengang”, which is similar in technique to the Norwegian Krokbragd.

    Would you believe that I had to deliver two more lambs, just like before? Today was different though, the ewe delivered all on her own.

    Thank you for your comment.

    I enjoy your site, because it is a very informative teaching


    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Lynne, and thanks also for your suggestion re my mat.

      Congratulations on the new lambs. So glad that the delivery went smoothly.


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