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Alpaca collection
September 27, 2008

100% alpaca yarn

Alpaca neutrals

This group of twelve neutral alpaca colors — black, white, and ten shades of grey and brown (six are heathered) — are from my alpaca collection. All of the yarns are 100% alpaca, three-ply, 1700 ypp, so they are compatible with each other and with all of the yarns in the twist and rainbow alpaca groups shown below (see previous postings for more detail on the twist and rainbow groups)  — and my 20% off sale price applies to all.

I have also posted images of pleated scarves that were woven with these yarns, and that are available for purchase, on my Gallery page. If you would like a price list or color cards for the alpaca yarn or the pleated scarves, please e-mail me at

Alpaca rainbow colors

Alpaca rainbow

Alpaca twist yarn

Alpaca twist

2008 Weave of the week #9: Kente cloth
September 26, 2008

Kente cloth strip

Kente cloth strip

This week’s featured weave is a piece of Kente cloth from Ghana. I chose it from my collection (detail below) because it relates to two separate exhibitions of African textiles opening in NYC this month.

Kente detail

Kente detail

“The Poetics of Cloth,” at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery,, opened recently and will be on view until Jan. 26, 2009. I haven’t seen the show yet but hope to do so soon.  It includes both traditional and contemporary African textiles.

And on Sept. 30 the Metropolitan Museum of Art will present “The Essential Art of African Textiles: Design Without End.”  I don’t think that there has been a major exhibition of African textiles in New York since the Museum of Modern Art’s gorgeous show in 1972, so having two open in the same month is reason to celebrate.{6EB15EDD-CFF8-4E7B-AA28-573CAB5230D5}

Speaking of museum openings, the former American Craft Museum has shed “American Craft” from its name and left its awful W. 53rd St. space, and will emerge on Sept. 27 as the Museum of Arts and Design, at the renovated “lollipop building”  on Columbus Circle. See for their new mission statement and exhibition details.

2008 Weave of the week #8: Mystery vest
September 21, 2008

Vest front view

Vest front view

Can anyone identify the modest, anonymous weaver of this mystery vest?

I bought it from a now-defunct store (called Macondo) in Soho sometime during the 1970s, and all the receipt says is “vest handwoven cotton, $170.00.” It was woven and finished with great care and skill and is complexly engineered (there are closeup, detail photos on my Gallery page), but there was no label or hangtag on the garment.  I love the vest, and I wish that I had thought to ask, when I bought it, who the maker was — any clues, anyone?