2008 Weave of the week #5: Abstract jacquard

Vintage wool jacquard

Vintage wool jacquard

To me this swatch of vintage French woolen jacquard looks more like an abstract painting than like a textile. It was woven with fine wool set tightly (approximately 50 epi x 50 ppi), so that the tightness of the structure accentuates the colors and sharp angles between the fabric’s warp- and weft-faced satin weaves.

The piece reminded me of Abstract Cubist painter Lionel Feininger’s work, so I did a quick online search, and on NYC’s Museum of Modern Art’s website I found “Ruin by the Sea,” an oil painting with abstract geometric shapes and similar colors, that Feininger did in 1930 (to view the Feininger piece, go to www.moma.org/collection/provenance/items/593.66.html).


One Response

  1. I absolutley love, love, love this swatch – how many harnesses is needed to reproduce this?

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