2008 Weave of the week #1: Introduction

Starting next week I will be posting swatches of different — and I hope interesting — weaves every week on my blog.

Some of the swatches will be vintage commercial fabrics from Western European mills that have probably closed (as many European mills have), some will be ethnic and contemporary textiles from my collection, and some (like the weave below) will be designs of my own that are important to me and that I would like to share.

color experiment scarf

color experiment scarf

This design is a four-block, 16-harness, doubleweave scarf that I wove in the early ’70s. I dug it out of a closet because some of the paintings at the recent “Color Chart” exhibition at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art reminded me of it.

I started the project planning to weave a long scarf because it was a gift for a 6’4″ guy I was dating, but by the time the scarf was finished, we had broken up. At the time I thought that I wanted him to have it anyway, but before I could give it to him I accidentally left it in a taxi and never got it back, so I guess I didn’t want him to have it after all (too Freudian?). But I thought that it was the best thing that I had done, so I wove this second (better) version and kept it.

I hope that you will enjoy looking at the weaves and will post comments, questions, and suggestions. Thanks.


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